Welcome to my website, gorgeous beings!

My name is Christina Gerogieva and I am an artist, specializing in the creation of intuition development tools, such as guidance card decks, color therapy jewelry, psychedelic art and meditation tools. Having always had strong intuition combined with just as strong visual skills, I have always been particularly affected by shape and color. I see shape and color as ways for The Universe to communicate with us. Images are not simply images. Every shape and color  contains information specific to the individual on a subconscious/higher level. This is the reason why we are so affected by images. They have the potential to trigger different feelings and emotions in us. If we would follow those emotions, we would be subconsciously guided by that information, which would help us lead a more intuitive and informed life. I would strongly recommend researching  the effects of art therapy and color thereapy. 

I was born with a "condition" called synesthesia - a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway - where I experience concepts, ideas and sound as shapes in 3D space which also have color and sometimes smell. This has made me more open to the information contained in shape and color, thus enabling me to "read" images. With the gradual development of my meditation practice, I have also deepened and further strengthened my synesthesia as well as my intuition. Through my art, which is entirely intuitively created, I am hoping to help others develop their intuitive skills and live a more connected life. 


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